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Battery: Your vehicles battery is an energy storage devise. It consists 6 individual cells that have approximately 2 volts each to total the 12 volts. It contains both positive and negative lead coated plates which are surrounded by electrolyte or commonly called acid. Your battery requires regular maintenance just like other systems on your vehicle.

Starter: Your vehicles starter is a rotating electrical motor. It receives voltage from the battery as well as an electrical signal from the ignition switch when turned to the crank position.

Alternator: Your vehicles alternator is a rotating electrical generator. The alternator produces an A/C voltage when turned by the accessory drive belt. Inside the alternator we have what is called a rectifier. It changes the A/C voltage to D/C voltage which is what your vehicle uses. The main purpose of the alternator is to maintain the 12 volts of the battery. When the electrical systems on a vehicle places a high demand on the battery voltage the alternator will commanded to recharge the battery to full capacity.